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Activ-Data Network - SOLUTIONS was incorporated in 2014 and has been quite successful in sales, installation and maintenance of a product portfolio manufactured by market leaders like Motorola (two-way radio communications equipment), Hikvision-Dahua- Pyronix (Ground to Air and surveillance equipment) and Thuraya  satellite phone equipment among others.

With the experience gained in this field over the years ADNS- SOLUTIONS, is currently building capacity in the field of microwave and Satellite Technology.

ADN - SOLUTIONS is also into other major Engineering processes especially in the fabrication and erection of masts and towers. The masts and towers in all the radio base/repeater stations we installed across the country so far were fabricated and installed by us.

We also undertake mast/tower construction for non-2-way-radio related projects e.g, internet service, microwave links, GSM EBTS’s, etc.

The company’s head office is currently located in Ikeja Maryland Town, Lagos State with our store in, Medical Road computer village.

Our primary focus can be summarised as follows:

  • Sales and Distribution.
  • Wireless surveillance transmision.
  • Using radio equipment to switch different networks.
  • Mast/Tower fabrication and installation.
  • Full systems and engineering support.
  • System installation and commissioning.
  • Training on customer systems.
  • Installation of Ku-Band Broadband Internet Access.
  • Installation of Cu-Band Broadband Internet Access.
  • Support services to corporate clients such as Banks.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of BTS, PDH, SDH, 3G, Microwave Links.
  • Radio Frequency System Engineering
  • Radio Network Planning Process.
  • Coverage Planning.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Interference Theory: Frequency Planning.
  • Network Systems Information Parameters Planning.
  • Special Network Solutions.
  • System services (including on-site services and maintenance).
  • Radio Network Optimization: Quality of Service.
  • Mirroring Advance Technologies.
  • Fire Alarm Detection (Addressable and conventional).
  • Surveillance / Electronic Security Systems (Smart CCTV).
  • Intruder / Burglary alarm system.
  • Lightning / Surge protection.
  • Access Control System at higher esteem.
  • Power Design and Distribution (UPS and Inverter).
  • System Integration.
  • Installation of 10KV DC pulse security fence.
  • Installation of Industrial ortea.
  • Orion and stavolt stabilizers.
  • BTS Site Acquisition and site built.

Installation, configuration and commissioning of BTS, PDH, SDH, 3G, Ubiquiti, mikrotik, Microwave Links.