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As data networks support ever-growing demands including VoIP telephony and IP CCTV, combined with hardware upgrades and replacements, the network cabling is often forgotten. Cabling that worked under lower load conditions will not perform in a busy network and combined with age can create problems and slow the network to a crawl.

Testing the data cabling with a cable analyser (eg. Fluke DTX1800) will ensure that the cable is tested for all the parameters across the range of frequencies required for the cable to comply with the TIA regulations. A certificate will be produced that will show the state of the cabling at the time of the test and this can be compared with the certificate provided when the cabling was installed to check for signs of degradation.

A sample of a certificate is shown below.

ADN test and provide certificates for all of the data installations we perform as standard using our own test equipment. All records are stored on our central database using software and backed up off site to ensure your records will always be available for you. The records are send to the customer in an easily accessed pdf format.

Testing the network is a cost effective step in isolating the cause of slow or unreliable networks and is a pre-requisite for VoIP telephone being implemented.
Please contact us for details of cost for testing from one point to an entire network including the copper cabling and the fibre optic cabling.

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Network Cabling

ADNS install the full range of data wiring and network cabling from the data centre to the desk.

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Structural Cabling

Activ-Data Network provide high performance, standards based structured cabling services for the entire network.

Fibre Optic

We offer our clients complete fibre solutions – from design, installation, completion testing and certification.


Wireless computer networks can make life so much easier, but only if they are working correctly, quickly, and safely.

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